Cleanse Your Inner Chaos

Your Inner Detox for a New You

Clear out your chaos with this simple, effective, 8 week program.


Do your body and mind feel:

cluttered • heavy • bogged down with things that no longer serve you?

Join Dr. Jennifer Karon-Flores for a  reset.

Calm your mind and trim your waistline as you move forward.

Are you ready to stop putting yourself last?

In the past decade, I’ve talked with hundreds of  women about their health.  And I’ve noticed a pattern.  Women tend to prioritize everyone else first.  Kids, partners, bosses - why is it that those we care about come before us?   Do you put yourself first?  Ever?  Because I’ve noticed that when we prioritize our mental and physical health, everything in our lives  becomes easier, and everyone else around us is happier, too.  Here’s the secret - you can put yourself first AND care about everyone else, too.  It’s not an either/or choice!  

Eight Weeks – Two Goals

Everything we touch on during our two weeks together will have two goals:

  • Allowing your physical body to let go of old patterns, cravings, and toxins.
  • Encouraging your mind to relax, re-set, and calm-the-fudge down.

Expert Support Along the Way

I'm putting everything I know about calming the chaos of your brain, nourishing your body, and letting go of what you don't need – and I mean everything – into my new program Cleanse Your Inner Chaos. We'll do this together, so you'll have lots of support to get your "new you" off to a great start.

When you sign up, you'll have your blueprint to reclaim your sanity and your waistline from the chaos of the last few months (or years). Anti-inflammatory diet guidelines will be customized just for you, so you can calm the fire of inflammation that, if left unchecked,  feeds illness and pain.  Mind/body meditations will arrive to your inbox every morning, you can use them as often as you like to calm the chatter in your brain and reinforce the cleanse diet to let go of what you don’t need (and trim your waistline in the process).

This is for you if...

  • You're constantly on-the-go, putting everyone else first, and hoping that someday your life will calm down enough that you can hear yourself think.  (Or tune out your constant whirling thoughts!)
  • If you get to the middle of the week and can’t remember what you ate for lunch, or plan what you will make for dinner.
  • You lie awake at night worrying about things you can’t control.
  • Have anxiety that comes out of nowhere, and can’t get your brain to calm down.
  • You want to trim your waistline and button your favorite pants with ease.
  • Have body pain (who doesn’t?)
  • Know you’d love to develop a daily routine that keeps you on track with food and meditation, but don’t know where to start.



Full support delivered to your inbox!

Included in the program:

  • Twice weekly support emails
  • Exclusive meditation MP3s
  • access to content at your own pace, to revisit as often as you like


The cleanse includes:

  • Simple customizable food plan
  • Daily mind/body meditations
  • Support you need to achieve your goals
  • Optional supplements to jump-start success

Program Testimonial

Dear Dr. Jennifer, I want to thank you for giving me the tools to bring my life back under control. This program was so customizable and so doable. I come away feeling like I have a method to sustain positive life changes and meet my goals.

The daily meditations have changed my whole day. I used to never take a break during the work day. The program inspired me. I made sure to get out and take a walk, I did my daily meditation, I took the time to check in with myself. I learned a lot about what has been rattling around in my head, and how to calm it down. What I found was by taking the time out, I was more productive, focused, and upbeat.

 I’m inspired to integrate small changes into my daily routine.

I can do it. :)

— Beth S.

Ready to change your patterns?

This cleanse is gentle and nourishing, with profound results.